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Pass The Quaffle...A Harry Potter Community

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Pass The Quaffle
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Welcome to Pass The Quaffle!

Pass The Quaffle is a community for Harry Potter fans. Whether your favorite is the books or the movies, Potter Puppet Pals or Jerry The Frog Productions' version of Harry Potter, you're welcome here!


1. You can post anything Harry Potter related such as rumors, icons, wallpaper, fan art, conversation topics, fan fics (under cuts), info about new books, info about new movies, info about J.K. Rowling, info about J.K. Rowling's website, etc. as long as it doesn't offend any other members.
2. FOR ANY TYPE OF ART(such as icons, wallpaper, etc.): If you're posting icons, any more than three must be kept under a cut. Wallpaper also must be under a cut, as well as large fan art. Bases are allowed. If you take any icons, banners, bases, or fan art remember to credit the maker!
3. Try to keep it clean, people. If it's PG-13, keep it under a cut with a warning. Anything higher than PG-13 is not allowed and will be deleted.
4. Be nice! Respect other members and their opinions. Discussion is encouraged, arguing is not. If you have a problem with another member please let me know. _mione_g_
5. Please no netspeak or fangirly comments! TYPING IN ALL CAPS or adding lots of exclamation points gives the impression that you are yelling, so please don't as well as tYpInG LiKe dIz or saying things like "OMG Rupert is like so HOTT!!!!!!!!!" It makes you look less intelligent and is really annoying.
6. Fanfics are welcome but must be under cuts.

7. Have Fun! and remember to advertise our community to others! :o)

Managed by _mione_g_

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